Good and Evil fought.  Evil Won

NOTE: Setting this up on Obsidian Portal was experimental, and it doesn’t look like it will work for this campaign. The players appear to not be frequent computer users (at least not for their pencil/paper game), and the information placed on the website is effectively inaccessible during game play. The content here is not easily (or prettily) printed. May try again later with a different game.

That was nearly a millenia ago.  Now, while Evil squabbles over what's left, there might be room for Good to fight back.  If nothing else, it's what St. Cuthbert called a'Target Rich Environment'.

A few things to know about the game

- Game is being put together for my sons at their request, so will bear the mark of seven to fourteen year old sensibilities.

- The game will use the Greyhawk campaign world, calendar, etc.  The world is Oerth, but bad things happened, and hundreds of years have passed.

- Iuz was a major player back then, and firmly trounced St Cuthbert.  Their relative power levels swapped because of it, and Iuz has thrived.  Another, more primal demon prince emerged into the world to the south, and a more lawful cabal emerged between them.  In the east, the Great Kingdom rose up against the evils of the world, but through diplomacy and cunning made peace with the villians of the west.  It used the army it had raised to squash it's opponents in the east instead.

- Most of the elves (High and Gray) have left, to parts unknown.  The gnomes left, but no one missed them.  The Dwarves are fractured and fighting a losing battle against the evil of the Underdeep would fight to burble across the surface.  The Sylvan Elves with the Hairfoot Halflings cling to the core of their last two forests