Party Wipe

Okay… so those first three characters made it through one additional evening of adventure, then in a further display of dis-unity, and backstabbing… managed to get themselves killed, and eventually all became Troglodyte poop.

The lesson I’m taking away from the whole thing, is that it’s probably not a good idea to introduce young players to the game via SJGames, “Munchkin”. (Kill Monsters, Stab your friends in the back, and take their stuff! Indeed!)

Getting Started
The misadventure

After Character Creation:
Endelgon had stopped for the evening in Sundar, and ended up in the same tavern as Zero Hydra and Jack. An old acquaintance of Zero’s related a tale of The Lady’s Heart, a monsterous ruby of some value which was rumored lost and never recovered. Despite several attempts by the other party members, Zero resisted meeting them. Ultimately, out on the street, after a very loud.. err.. discussion, a neighborhood tough (half-ogre laborer) was awoken. The tough scared off most of the group, and cracked two of Jack’s ribs.

The next day, Zero requested a map to the rumored palace, which he returned for at the end of that day. He continued to actively avoid meeting up with the the other two players… and set off alone just after dark, traveling north-west of Sundar. Jack and Engelgon followed at some distance, but just inside infravision. Zero was stopped by bandits, as is want to happen in bandit infested territories. In the insuring battle, Zero dropped but was healed by Jack. Jack and Endelgon fought off the remaining bandits. (Only one escaped.)


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